What is Data Platforms?

Data Platforms 2018 is the first industry conference focused exclusively on helping data teams build a modern data platform. It will bring together practitioners and industry gurus who will share best practices and success stories to help attendees build a roadmap to execute for their organizations.

Join this conference if you are...

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"I am researching big data and hiring resources. I need both SaaS and GTM products. I am trying to understand how to budget for this initiative as well as the competitive landscape. My apps have growing amounts of data. I have to prepare a TCO and determine ROI for this initiative and would love to learn from those who have done it."
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"I have a use case. My project has a name, an executive sponsor and a business objective. I’m comparing platforms and honing my strategy. I’d love to understand the pitfalls and challenges others have faced so I can learn from those mistakes as I recommend a plan for my organization."
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"I have a big data infrastructure and I am building out teams to support the environment. I am focused on scaling and automation. I have a skills gap and need access to more talent. I need to prioritize use cases and have to keep up with the speed of innovation. I don’t have a budget to expand and need to build a roadmap for future TCO."
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"I’ve built a cluster and invested a great deal of money, but I can’t seem to scale and keep up with growth and demands across the organization. I can’t meet the needs of my customers internally and I’m not delivering the results my LOBs need to make decisions quickly. My growth is blocked and costs are not contained."

Feedback from Data Platforms Attendees

"What's the date for next year? I am blocking my calendar now"
"So many sessions....I wish I could have attended all of them"
"Loved the content....what a unique agenda"
"I rarely attend these things but this is the best! I am bringing my whole team next year"
"I really got to connect with my peers.....I was able to network and learn...and not just listen"
"Loved the intimate setting, the food and the keynotes"
"Thanks for not pitching and preaching....I came to learn from my peers"

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